Rainer Neumann:
Thank you, Sven, for your answer to the topic of qubes-hcl-report. I have one 
aditional question.

If I type in a console "cat /proc/cpuinfo", I get an output, where one line is called 
"bugs". It looks like my cpu has a lot of bugs: null_seg, cpu_meltdown, spectre_v1, 
spectre_v2, spec_store_bypass, l1tf, mds, swapgs, itlb_multihit, srbds.

The producer of my computer offeres a bios and microprocessor update for the purpose to 
fix these bugs. It is an exe-file for Windows: 

Okay, lets say, we can trust Intel and the computer manufacturer. But is it 
really necesarry to install the update as long as I work with Qubes OS?

Not necessary I suppose, since Xen runs a (temporary) microcode update when it boots, but would not be a bad idea to update the bios anyways in case some bug breaks the microcode patching on boot or you boot some other OS some day that does not include this step on boot.

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