Thank you, Sven, for your answer to the topic of qubes-hcl-report. I have one 
aditional question.

If I type in a console "cat /proc/cpuinfo", I get an output, where one line is 
called "bugs". It looks like my cpu has a lot of bugs: null_seg, cpu_meltdown, 
spectre_v1, spectre_v2, spec_store_bypass, l1tf, mds, swapgs, itlb_multihit, 

The producer of my computer offeres a bios and microprocessor update for the 
purpose to fix these bugs. It is an exe-file for Windows:

Okay, lets say, we can trust Intel and the computer manufacturer. But is it 
really necesarry to install the update as long as I work with Qubes OS?

Kindly regards,

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