On 12/10/20 3:49 AM, Andrew David Wong wrote:
I used to be able to be able to do the following to copy text from xterm in Fedora and Debian VMs:

1. Select/highlight the desired text, thereby inserting it into the PRIMARY buffer.

2. Press <Ctrl + middle mouse button> in order to bring up a menu (I think it was the "VT Options" menu).

3. In this menu, select the option to copy text from the PRIMARY buffer to that VM's local clipboard.

4. Press <Ctrl + Shift + C> to copy text to the Qubes inter-VM clipboard and proceed as usual.

However, some time ago, step 2 suddenly stopped working, and I have no idea why. Pressing <Ctrl + middle mouse button> in xterm now does nothing, as far as I can tell. I've checked my trackpad/mouse settings, and everything seems fine and unchanged. I've tried pressing the left and right mouse buttons simultaneously instead, but nothing.

I know that I can probably create custom xterm settings that will allow me to copy text, but I'd still like to know whether there's a way to do it by default for cases in which the VM is uncustomized. Does anyone know if there is such a way?

I never used that, but here for the fedora-32 template it works.
I think you can override bindings inside the app via X resources, but my suspect is that the window manager "captures" the mouse or key event, so it does not arrive at the terminal any more.


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