Thank you all for describing the various approaches, this is great feedback 
and all sound feasible. I'll start testing soon. Ultimately I'll probably 
move all the files over to some network location if it proves fast enough. 
The BIG VM so far caused nothing but problems anyway. But currently it is 
there so I have to cope with it.

On Friday, December 11, 2020 at 5:28:12 AM UTC+1 Stuart Perkins wrote:

> On Thu, 10 Dec 2020 20:43:27 +0100
> Ulrich Windl <> wrote:
> >On 12/7/20 3:56 PM, '' via qubes-users wrote:
> >> From one AppVM I need to temporarily access a large amount of files 
> >> from another AppVM. Can this be done without copying the files around?
> >> 
> >> _Background: _
> >> I have a large amount of files stored in AppVM "BIG". That's hundreds 
> of 
> >> GB in a separate pool on a spinning HDD.
> >> I also have a small AppVM "SMALL" running a program that needs to 
> access 
> >> files from "BIG". This AppVM resides on a small SSD.
> >> 
> >> In the past I copied files from BIG to SMALL. But this takes time and I 
> >> need to sort the files beforehand because there is not enough space on 
> >> the SSD. I don't want to do that anymore. It would be okay to allow 
> >> AppVM "SMALL" to access files from "BIG"'s private storage directly.
> >> 
> >> Googling around tells me to mount "private.img", but I'm using LVM so 
> >> that's not an option. But how can this be done? Can it be done? (Or is 
> >> there even a better "file sharing" approach for this amount of data 
> >> without having to revert to a NAS?)
> >> 
> >> Any tips are appreciated. 
> >
> >Actually I have not done it, but it feels like you should have an NFS 
> >server on BIG with a network only accessible from inside qubes, and 
> >specifically from SMALL. Still it will have to transfer the file 
> >contents, but you benefit from any application that only reads parts of 
> >the files.
> >
> >When not wanting to copy I guess you'll have to mount a snapshot of 
> >BIG's data as the LV should be mounted only once (AFAIK).
> >
> What I have done is...
> created a large disk image (600g or so) on the mail dom0 drive space
> written a script in dom0 to attach the image to whichever machine I want 
> to access it from.
> This script..
> attaches the image to a loop device
> mounts the image to the machine I desire
> added /etc/hosts entries to each app vm to mount to a dedicated directory 
> when doing "sudo mount -a" by uuid
> script ends with an execution of "sudo mount -a" on the target vm
> there is also a corresponding unmount script, so if it is mounted to 
> "mail" I can easily unmount it and mount it to "money".
> This lets me treat the 600g.img file like a removable media which can be 
> attached to any app vm. I also back that drive image up on my network 
> server.
> Stuart

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