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I have btrfs set up for dom0 and I'm using the refilnk driver, but my appvms 
themselves seem to be ext4? Where would I even set this? I don't see an option 
on the pool or on qvm-create.

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I want to use btrfs for the snapshots feature in my appvms.

I know Qubes supports btrfs for dom0:

Does Qubes support using btrfs in individual appvms?

If not is there some other way I can get snapshots? It would make me less 
afraid to make a mistake while using my computer.

I *think* you would have to custom build templates using btrfs, but I
have no idea if that would work - I'll try and report back.

When I'm making significant changes then I make liberal use of
qvm-clone: then I may archive off, but more usually just throw away the
clone if I'm happy. (On the rare occasions that I work with Windows
qubes I do this a lot.)

Yes. If you have Btrfs in dom0 then you already have those features at the VM level at least. And I would recommend against putting Btrfs on top of Btrfs, as its more CPU intensive.

For those who have the default LVM in dom0, Btrfs in appVMs is a better prospect. But since LVM also has snapshots, to me the only two overriding reasons to use Btrfs this way is for compression (Btrfs has Zstandard now!) of things like databases and email archives; and also for its integrity checking.

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