Thank you for the replies! This definitely helps me to understand Qubes better. 
If this is the process for an application being passed along with dom0, would 
it be possible to actually use this process to an advantage in my case? If you 
are saying what I think you are and essentially a scanned image (bitmap) of the 
application or whatever you have open is passed on, wouldn’t it be possible to 
implement an OCR program at this stage to convert the image into plaintext, 
which could then be read by any screenreader. 

My original plan was to try installing orca on dom0. I’m not sure if it is even 
compatible, but it may be worth a shot after reading the link to the “issue” on 
Github.(?) Reading that link also gave me an idea. Blind and visually impaired 
people obviously cannot benefit from the colored ribbons like those of you with 
vision. However, somewhat of an equivalent thing could be done by changing the 
voices spoken for a given app or Qube. A subtle change in pitch would suffice. 
Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. Step one is just virtualizing my first 

FYI: please edit this bid out if not allowed. I couldn’t find that this wasn’t, 
but I understand if it is... I want to use this operating system and have it 
available and accessible for people like me so bad that I would even pay for it 
to be something incorporated.    

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