Svetlana Reseneder:
Is it possible?
I don't want to use Grub Bootloader anymore. But also i cannot turn off
Secure Boot in my Bios interface. I have heard for secureboot the OS must
be signed from a root of trust? I installed Qubes in legacy mode.

It is possible to install in UEFI on many systems, but hard to know if yours supports it without trying it or if it will work at all with Secureboot enabled. Why don't you like Grub? I still use it on one system too.

Also i have a problem with my Monitor don't turning the backlight off. Is
there a workaround for that? Dom0 Log says something that there seems to be
a problem.

You might have to enabled power management under Qubes Menu/System Tools/Screensaver/Advanced. Do a File/Restart Daemon after changing settings, or they might not take effect until next reboot.

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