I'm in the process of uploading various salt configurations, which you
may find interesting.
The files are in https://github.com/unman/shaker.

There's configuration for salting various useful stuff:
A caching proxy,
A version of split-ssh,
Multiple sys-usb using various controllers (specific to x230 model),
Kali template,
A qube for building Qubes,
A qube for building/flashing coreboot,
A multimedia qube,
A file sharing qube,
Adding support for Office or Windows filesystems to templates,

with more to come.

This isn't sophisticated salt - most of these are examples from training,
and are deliberately simple. Some are old, and may need tweaking.
They are also almost all based on a debian-10-minimal template
Even if you have no experience with salt you should be able to read the
files and understand what they are going to do. 

I hope you use them to get started with using salt in Qubes.

I'm in the process of packaging these, and will host them at
Although it's simple to produce packages that will actually implement
the states, (as they do in initial Qubes setup), I prefer not to do
this - mainly because I think it better for users to see what's been
installed and what actions will be taken. So the packages will provide
the salt formula, for you to review, change and implement as you will.
(Change my mind if you like.)

Happy to take suggestions for other configurations, or features.


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