unman <un...@thirdeyesecurity.org> writes:

>> Because whonix ensure updates comes from the tor network. I didn't
>> figured yet if it is desirable to search to do something here.
> I dont use Whonix.
> Since you can configure cacher to fetch across the Tor network, this
> looks brain dead to me. I think you must mean that Whonix ensures that
> updates run through Whonix.

Yes. That's it.

In another thread you spoke about not indexing for each template (so
eventually reducing our fingerprint by reducing the request we made,
right?) ; and potential drawbacks, do you mind to share what you find
about that?  I know there is this this checkbox in acng-report.html but
don't know what option exactly it correspond in acng.conf nor the
drawbacks and eventual mitigations.


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