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Hello fellow Qubes users,

I have 3 feature requests today regarding Qubes Manager:

1) Connect to not-running NetVM
If a not-running NetVM is chosen there should not be an error message
but a choice between "Start NetVM" and "Abort"

This is already done in R4.1 version.

2) restart netVM with connected machines
Sometimes NetVMs have issues that are easily solved by a restart.
Nastily Qubes prevents restarting the netVM if VMs are connected. What
should optionally happen is either that the connected VMs are
disconnected, the NetVM is restarted and the VMs are reconnected (that
is what I do manually whenever this is needed) or alternatively that all
connected VMs are restarted as well.

Respect this there is a "Cascade shutdown" that will power off all the
connected VM's in recursive mode. I understand that is not what you
mean, you want a option for restart this VM without touching any others...

I understand that you find it helpful for some kind of hardware problem
(sleep / wake up?) but it seems more a hack than a real solution.

3) force-reboot a VM
Users can kill a VM, but this way the user has to wait until the VM was
terminated and then start the machine again (kill + start). It would be
useful to have a single option for both tasks. That happens to me almost
daily with the USB-VM.

Uhm more than a force-reboot option, ideally the restart option should
trigger a timeout and if it expires ask you if you want to kill it or
keep waiting (same that shutdown option). Is it not the current behavior?

I use a simple shell script to restart my sysnet sometimes after the
system is suspended, as it does not restart correctly occasionally.

This is it:-
# reboot-sys-net

# Have to restart sys-net after suspend sometimes.

qvm-prefs sys-firewall netvm none
sleep 1
qvm-shutdown --wait sys-net
sleep 2
qvm-start sys-net
sleep 1
qvm-prefs sys-firewall netvm sys-net

All I can say is it works for me.


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