On 2/15/21 7:51 PM, donoban wrote:
On 2/15/21 12:44 PM, r.wiesb...@web.de wrote:
1) Connect to not-running NetVM
If a not-running NetVM is chosen there should not be an error message
but a choice between "Start NetVM" and "Abort"

This is already done in R4.1 version.
Respect this there is a "Cascade shutdown" that will power off all the
connected VM's in recursive mode. I understand that is not what you
mean, you want a option for restart this VM without touching any

I understand that you find it helpful for some kind of hardware problem
(sleep / wake up?) but it seems more a hack than a real solution.
In my scenario it is a workaround for a bug and I would not use the
cascading shutdown, however if this option is reworked I think this
option should be available as well as there are definitely usecases for
that (e.g. if you leave the office you shutdown lan-office and all
office-VMs that are connected to it as well)
Uhm more than a force-reboot option, ideally the restart option should
trigger a timeout and if it expires ask you if you want to kill it or
keep waiting (same that shutdown option). Is it not the current

There is a 20 second timeout and a "kill?" dialogue for VM shutdown, I
don't think there is for restart. The timeout and question is useful in
many cases, however if you already noticed that the VM is dead (e.g. you
start a program and nothing happens) then you don't want to wait the
extra 20 seconds.

I use a simple shell script to restart my sysnet sometimes after the
system is suspended, as it does not restart correctly occasionally.
Thanks, that is a nice approach that I could use with the kill. For my
specific issue I can also think of a menu entry which kill-restarts the
sys-usb. Just need to find out how to manually add entries to the quebes
menu, I think that can be done rather easily.

This is it:-
# reboot-sys-net

# Have to restart sys-net after suspend sometimes.

qvm-prefs sys-firewall netvm none
sleep 1
qvm-shutdown --wait sys-net
sleep 2
qvm-start sys-net
sleep 1
qvm-prefs sys-firewall netvm sys-net

All I can say is it works for me.


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