HCL reports attached for Qubes 4.04 and 4.1.

Some prior reports report these machines are working - I've noted a few caveats 
to that which may be useful for anyone considering one.

2018 XPS 9570.
* 4k screen
* 32gb RAM
* Samsung 970 Evo

Installer requires mapbs, noexitboot, modprobe.blacklist=nouveau commented out 
as per UEFI troubleshooting page.

Installation completes fine and system boots, however var/log/Xorg.0.log shows 
'Reverting to software rendering' even with i915.alpha_support=1. Tried various 
combinations of drivers and options, no result. Issue detailed here 
(https://github.com/QubesOS/qubes-issues/issues/5244) indicates this is likely 
due to fc25 Mesa drivers.

High CPU load, poor performance (input latency).

Upgrade to kernel 5.10 produces significant graphical glitching and does not 
resolve problem.


Installer boots and completes, system boots out of the box. Wifi, etc all 
Software rendering issue from 4.0.4 is fixed.

However - I experienced some input and gui lag which seemed to me to be in 
excess of that I experience on my current Qubes machine - an X1 Carbon 5th 
running 4.0.4 w/ i3. Attempting to resolve this highlighted a few issues:

Refresh rate in AppVMs
Refresh rate issue mentioned here applies 
(https://github.com/QubesOS/qubes-issues/issues/3175) - I worked around this by 
using xrandr to set mode to 2560x1440. I didn't research Qubes experience with 
HiDPI screens before purchasing because I'm an idiot.

Intel GPU issues
Journalctl produces the following error in substantial volumes:
"dom0 kernel: [drm:gen8_de_irq_handler.isra.0 [i915]] *ERROR* Fault errors on 
pipe A: 0x00000080"

Intel pstate issues
Journalctl --boot reports:
intel_pstate: CPU model not supported
Xenpm can't retrieve CPU info as per this issue: 
modprobe xen_acpi_processor allows xenpm to retrieve info andcpufreq-average 
indicates scalings is working, but I'm not sure if that information means much 
- there's a substantial discussion in the linked issue on the reporting of cpu 
info - I may be misinterpreting - read it for yourself and reach your own 
conclusions if you have better understanding of these issues than me.
hypervisor.log shows 6 CPUs identified.

App performance

On both kernels 5.4 and 5.10, in Fedora 32 and 33 templates, and on 2 clean 
installs, Libreoffice runs extremely poorly - significant performance issues 
working with an 8 page document (text only). Tried LO 6.4 and 7.1, from RPM and 
flatpak. Tried clean template installs. No improvement.

MOCS failed to program

Upgraded to Kernel 5.10 to see if any improvement on noted issues. Journalctl 
produces the msg "Failed to program MOCS register; expect performance issues". 
See here for some info: https://github.com/QubesOS/qubes-issues/issues/6397.

5.10 produces significant graphical artefacts on dom0 menus.

I've experimented with different driver settings (modesetting, intel, glamor, 
etc, etc), no impact.

Also tried blacklisting Nouveau on an existing installation and reinstalling 
with Nouveau blacklisted from installer - no change. On a normal installation 
system seems to find and default to the uhd 630 anyway.


I feel like this machine as it is doesn't seem to represent any noticeable 
performance improvement over my X1 Carbon 5th, which runs Qubes extremely well 
and without issue. Maybe it's an issue with my specific hardware - not sure.

Not sure what the cause is of these issues - similar painful experiences to 
those associated with every other hybrid graphics workstation type laptop in 
the HCLs. Begs the question of why I thought it was a good use of time to try...

Did give me an opportunity to try the 4.1 alpha though - super impressive. Very 
excited for the release and upgrade on my X1. If anyone wants an XPS 9570, let 
me know...


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