I'm trying to figure out how to open applications in VMs from dom0 using qvm-run, and how to do so without blocking the terminal in dom0.

For example:
$ qvm-run anon "torbrowser qubes-os.org"
Running 'torbrowser qubes-os.org' on anon


The above command sucessfully launches Tor Browser in the `anon` VM, but I can't run another command in the same dom0 terminal window until Tor Browser (in the VM) finishes (exits).

Alternately I can do something like
$ qvm-run anon "gnome-terminal -- torbrowser qubes-os.org"
but that leaves a terminal window running in the `anon` VM.

I've also tried all the usual variations on `nohup`, `disown`, `&`, and the like, but none of them seem to do the trick.

Any ideas?

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