On Fri, Feb 26, 2021 at 12:01:16PM +0000, tetrahedra via qubes-users wrote:
> I'm trying to figure out how to open applications in VMs from dom0 using
> qvm-run, and how to do so without blocking the terminal in dom0.
> For example:
> ```
> $ qvm-run anon "torbrowser qubes-os.org"
> Running 'torbrowser qubes-os.org' on anon
> ```
> The above command sucessfully launches Tor Browser in the `anon` VM, but I
> can't run another command in the same dom0 terminal window until Tor Browser
> (in the VM) finishes (exits).
> Alternately I can do something like
> ```
> $ qvm-run anon "gnome-terminal -- torbrowser qubes-os.org"
> ```
> but that leaves a terminal window running in the `anon` VM.
> I've also tried all the usual variations on `nohup`, `disown`, `&`, and the
> like, but none of them seem to do the trick.
> Any ideas?

Is this Torbrowser specific? Because it doesn't block with other
programs (or at least doesn't seem to do so for me).
On what is the "anon" qube based? How is it configured to run torbrowser
with no path?

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