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After I installed the fedora-33 template a few days ago, I have never been able to do a software update on it using the Salt-based updater. A manual update using "dnf update" works fine.

This is the error I'm getting in the updater tool:

Is this a known problem, and is there some easy way to fix this?

Updating fedora-33

Error on updating fedora-33: Command '['sudo', 'qubesctl', '--skip-dom0', '--targets=fedora-33', '--show-output', 'state.sls', 'update.qubes-vm']' returned non-zero exit status 20
           Failed to return clean data
           Traceback (most recent call last):
            File "/var/tmp/.root_dd8a91_salt/salt-call", line 27, in <module>
            File "/var/tmp/.root_dd8a91_salt/pyall/salt/scripts.py", line 445, in salt_call
            File "/var/tmp/.root_dd8a91_salt/pyall/salt/cli/call.py", line 48, in run
               caller = salt.cli.caller.Caller.factory(self.config)
            File "/var/tmp/.root_dd8a91_salt/pyall/salt/cli/caller.py", line 64, in factory
               return ZeroMQCaller(opts, **kwargs)
            File "/var/tmp/.root_dd8a91_salt/pyall/salt/cli/caller.py", line 329, in __init__
               super(ZeroMQCaller, self).__init__(opts)
            File "/var/tmp/.root_dd8a91_salt/pyall/salt/cli/caller.py", line 89, in __init__
               self.minion = salt.minion.SMinion(opts)
            File "/var/tmp/.root_dd8a91_salt/pyall/salt/minion.py", line 912, in __init__
               opts["grains"] = salt.loader.grains(opts)
            File "/var/tmp/.root_dd8a91_salt/pyall/salt/loader.py", line 825, in grains
               ret = funcs[key]()
            File "/var/tmp/.root_dd8a91_salt/pyall/salt/grains/core.py", line 2384, in ip_fqdn               ret["ipv6"] = salt.utils.network.ip_addrs6(include_loopback=True)             File "/var/tmp/.root_dd8a91_salt/pyall/salt/utils/network.py", line 1353, in ip_addrs6               return _ip_addrs(interface, include_loopback, interface_data, "inet6")             File "/var/tmp/.root_dd8a91_salt/pyall/salt/utils/network.py", line 1333, in _ip_addrs
            File "/usr/lib64/python3.9/ipaddress.py", line 1920, in __hash__
               return hash((self._ip, self._scope_id))
           AttributeError: _scope_id


I could not clone the fedora 33 templates, with a similar error message
about "not clean", until I started and stopped the template.  It's been
OK since then.


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