On 3/3/21 3:29 PM, frag face wrote:
Hi all,

I'm running Qubes 4.0
My dom0 doesn't boot anymore (following an aborted Fedora update it
Boot runs to kernel panic, see attached image.

 From a newly installed Qubes on a different disk, I can mount my
crashed disk, decrypt it and access all my Qubes, DOM0...

I see two options to recover my environment (and would prefer the first):
1- Fix my Dom0 environment on my crashed hard drive (I have another
drive with a newly installed Qubes 4.0-rc3)
2- Save my qubes from my crashed disk, and restore them on my new
4.0-rc3 install.

Any advise to perform a rescue for option 1 or 2 is welcomed !

1) try to boot from a life system. Mount /boot and, in case of UEFI,
have a look in efi/qubes/xen.cfg  or efi/BOOT/xen.cfg   you should be
able to select a older kernel. Maybe that allows to reboot.

2) emergency backup is a good idea in any case. Open the encrypted
   volume (using luks)    then run    vgchange -ay    to activate all
   logical volumes. With lvscan you should be able to see the names
   (something like  qubes-...-work-private
   It is the "private" one that you want. Mount them (they are all in
   /dev/mapper/ ) and "rsync -auv"  your data to a harddrive in
   respective subdirs. That is less safe than the paranoid version
   of qubes-backup since its grasps all  ".config" files, but at least
   you have a full take.

Good luck!

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