On 3/4/21 9:16 PM, frag face wrote:
Thanks for your answer Bernhard,

I wonder if I could make a  Qube-style backup of the qubes in my
hardrive instead of a rsync to restore/add them directly in the new
installed Qube system, kind of  lazy way ;)


You can, with some extra work: The complete qubes-backup procdure is
explained online. It is, roughly speaking, a tar archive with special
checksum files to ensure pwds are correct.

I always to these backups by hand, to keep myself trained.

My method "sous-entend" that you "safe backup": in your life system
generate a container file (truncate -s 200G
/externalstorage/backup.luks), then losetup: (first losetup -f to get a
free slot, then bind it with losetup /dev/loopX
/externalstorage/backup.luks ), and cryptsetup luksFormat /dev/loopX
;cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/loopX BACKUP; mkfs.ext2 /dev/mapper/BACKUP ;
mount /dev/mapper/BACKUP /somemountpoint

For rsync'ing back inside qubes from subfolders you
- attach usb to dispVM1 (widget)
- lopsetup the container
- attach container mapper to dispVM2 (widget)
- there start same procedure as above at "luksOpen" step and then attach
the full decrypted backup to each VM with the widget, and rsync back the
correct subfolder in your home. You can use --exclude to avoid
"dot"-files ...   best, Bernhard

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