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>>'Stuart Perkins' via qubes-users:  
>>> Ok, now I'm afraid to turn off my computer or even stop any Debian template 
>>> based VM's...    
>>Don't panic, it's just a bug* in qubes-core-dom0-4.0.56. Your VM data
>>is still okay.
>>> Here is what happened.  
>>> I was going to do a general update on Dom0 and my Debian-10 and
>>> Fedora-32 templates.
>>> As is my habit, I deleted the older clones of those template VM's
>>> and was creating new clones with qvm-clone from a Dom0 command
>>> window.
>>> While attempting to create a new clone of the Debian-10 template, it
>>> halted with an error:
>>> file pool cannot export dirty volumes.
>>> Searching for that issue suggested I start the template VM and exit
>>> it cleanly...although I don't have a recollection of a "dirty" exit
>>> (crash, kill etc...).
>>> I went to start the template with qvm-start and it won't, giving the
>>> error:
>>> file pool cannot start a VM with an exported volume.
>>> How in the world do I recover from this?    
>>If you restart your computer (or only qubesd), it will drop the
>>lingering export lock and you'll be able to start the original
>>template again, etc.
>I figured that out, eventually...after some sweat.  I rely on this machine way 
>too much.  All critical data was backed up, but I was not looking forward to a 
>reinstall and the time it would take out of my "way-too-busy" week.
>Aside:  I found out the command line "qvm-clone" will NOT work.  That is what 
>left it in this state.  Oddly enough, using the Qubes Manager gui it succeeds 
>in the clone...but leaves it where you can't start the template to do the 
>update until you reboot again.
>Just FYI.  In my install I chose NOT to do the LVM as it adds an unnecessary 
>layer of complexity to a laptop, which is already an encrypted installation.  
>I want to add additional drive space ONCE, and do that with just formatting 
>the second drive and symbolic links from the appvm directory to the "too large 
>for my ssd" drives.  SSD is 260G.  Hard drive is 2TB.  Like most Qubes users, 
>I work the crap out of my machine...a coreboot Lenovo T420i.
>Now that I'm up to 5.4.88, is this fixed?

Rather than getting fixed, the problem is worse now.  I cannot even clone a 
template cube with the gui.  I would have hoped this would be fixed, not made 

I have cloned appvms without issue, but trying to clone a template gives the 
"dirty volume" error.  I don't want to update my templates without being able 
to clone them first for backup.  What is the root cause of the "dirty volume" 
error? I am NOT using LVM.


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