Question: does a template qube need some kind of modification to let a sys-usb qube based on that template work with usb keyboards?

Issue: On a debian 10 template, my usb keyboard/mouse combo 'just worked'(tm):
1. I have a default sys-usb qube
2. I attach the keyboard device (either before or after startup, tried both)
3. I get the 'Device X is available' notification
4. I can use the device both inside the sys-usb qube and in other qubes and in dom0

When I switch the sys-usb to a debian 11 template:
4. I can use the keyboard inside the sys-usb qube, not in other qubes. The mousepointer does not respond at all.

How can I troubleshoot this? thanks for your suggestions.


fyi, this is my only problem with debian 11 as the default template, multiple applications seem to work smoother when compared to debian 10.

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