On 8/30/21 2:12 PM, haaber wrote:

Kind of answering my own question, but disabling hyperthreading
happened to
be a workaround for the resume from suspend issue.

But shouldn't hyperthreading have already been disabled ever since QSB-043?


I admit that I missed that one as well. Shame on me. Is there some way
to detect active hyperthreading on boot && print out a big red warning ?

That seems a reasonable measure, especially for new-comers how cannot
reasonably be asked to read all old QSB's first :)

I'm confused. I was under the impression that Qubes OS (after the QSB-043 patches) automatically disables hyper-threading for you such that you don't have to know anything, do anything, or read any past QSBs.

As QSB-043 explains, you would have had to follow special instructions to re-enable hyper-threading in Qubes 3.2, and no such instructions were provided for re-enabling it in Qubes 4.0 (since, as the QSB explains, it's never safe in that release), so I don't even know how'd you do it in that release.

But perhaps I'm mistaken or misunderstanding the question.

Andrew David Wong
Community Manager
The Qubes OS Project

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