>>>> [Andrew]
>>>> But shouldn't hyperthreading have already been disabled ever since
>>>> QSB-043?
>>>> https://www.qubes-os.org/news/2018/09/02/qsb-43/
>>> I admit that I missed that one as well. Shame on me. Is there some way
>>> to detect active hyperthreading on boot && print out a big red
warning ?
>>> That seems a reasonable measure, especially for new-comers how cannot
>>> reasonably be asked to read all old QSB's first :)

> [ Markek ]
> There are (at least) two ways to disable hyper-threading:
> 1. In system BIOS (if there is such option)
> 2. In software - by disabling every second thread of each core.
> The QSB-043 uses the second method. It has is drawbacks, as the logic to
> bring up and down CPUs is quite complex. And yes, there are known
> issues[1] affecting suspend. Disabling hyper-threading in BIOS, prevents
> Xen from starting those secondary threads at all, and so it doesn't need
> to bring them down.
> [1]

Thank you Marek. I only now disabled it in BIOS (my fault), and my
question was that software could point a warning to the user in case of
software disabling. I would have done it much faster then :-)


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