On Tue, Aug 31, 2021 at 07:38:33AM +0800, rss+qu...@armor-mail.com wrote:
> Hi unman,
> > I cant help with the AUR.
> > I build Arch packages for 4.0 and 4.1, and update them probably twice
> > a month ( other constraints permitting)
> Thanks very much for doing that, my Arch template originally came from
> your repo.
> > You can pick up templates and packages at https://qubes.3isec.org
> > unman
> I imported your package signing key with pacman-key ("pacman-key
> --finger unman" finds the key just fine) but if I try to do an upgrade
> (pacman -Syu) I get (transcribed so there may be typos):
>       error: qubes-r4.0: signature from "unman (Qubes OS Signing Key)
>       <un...@thirdeyesecurity.org>" is invalid
> Any thoughts? (I think I hit this iceberg before, and that is why I
> have been using the AUR packages.)

I've just confirmed that this works fine for me.
Can you try downloading the key from the Ubuntu keyserver, and checking against
the details at my GitHub account?

"Signature is invalid" - strange error. Is your date/time correct?

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