I don't need help anymore, I've manged to solve the problem, so I don't 
need help answering the question.
I forgot the sudo command (facepalm) it was a long day and it's been a 
while working with Qubes.
I'll leave this post up maybe it is useful for someone else.

Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

Best regards,


Op woensdag 1 december 2021 om 19:15:09 UTC-5 schreef Ken Fooy:

> Dear community,
> First, Shootout and big thanks to the Qubes team for their hard work and 
> dedication, also to all the volunteers and the community too.
> Don't want to waste your time (also linux noob here).
> So I divided this post into 5 sections:
> 1) Intro my Qubes-os experience: for Linux noobs
> 2) Problem/solution1: Correctly enabling the disabled virtualization in a 
> 3) Problem/solution2: Some (or all) VM that won't boot (start) up in 
> version Qubes release 4.0:
> 4) Hardware Specs for people looking to build a PC
> 5) My question about moving an ovpn file to the computer from the 
> documents (sys-vpn).
> 1 Intro
> Due to an event (breach), Security and Privacy became an important topic 
> IRL and digital.
> I fell into the rabbit hole of privacy, security (paranoia much) and IIRC, 
> I watched a couple youtube videos of the Hated One and that got me 
> interested in Linux. 
> A Month after "the event" I'd learned how to build a PC and installed 
> Qubes-OS release 4.0. 
> Learned about the different distros and how to navigate with commands and 
> install programs basically how to use it as a daily driver. 
> I managed to get VPN, Bluetooth, webcam, Kodi, Windows Vista and 10, Kali 
> Linux and Blackarch working with the available information on github, 
> mailing-group and reddit and didn't ask for help until now. 
> Currently I'm studying to become a full-stack developer and have a 
> background in Sales. 
> So when I started on this journey I was a real noob. 
> What I'm saying is, if you're new to Linux and Qubes-OS and interested in 
> security, privacy and want more control over your digital life than this is 
> it. It has a learning curve but definitely worth it.
> Could save a lot of time by just asking questions in forums but then I 
> wouldn't have learned so much, hate to say it but the frustration is well 
> worth it. 
> Sheer will, Focus and Commitment will get you there and there is no shame 
> to ask for help.
> 2) Problem 1: 
> Installing version Qubes release 4.1 (probably also version 4.0) and 
> correctly enabling the disabled virtualization in a ASRock UEFI (BIOS).
> Solution 1: You need to enable 3 settings to have virtualization enabled.
> Setting 1: Advanced / CPU configuration / SVM mode --> enabled
> Setting 2: Advanced / Onboard Devices configuration / SR-IOV support --> 
> enabled
> Setting 3: Advanced / AMD CBS /NBIO common options / IOMMU ---> enabled
> 3) Problem 2: 
> Some (or all) VM that won't boot (start) up in version Qubes release 4.0:
> I was working with Qubes release 4.0 and days before the VM didn't boot 
> anymore I'd received messages like:
> failed due unsupported Hardware Detected. Missing features: 
> IOMMU/VT-d/AMD-Vi and Unsupported Hardware Detected. Missing features: 
> Solution 2: In Dom0 open the setting of the VM that won't boot and go to 
> Advanced there you can change under Virtualization the mode IIRC to HVM or 
> to PVH. 
> In my case I did get the VM up and running again but qubes was lagging and 
> I didn't trust the solution but the only thing I wanted was my data and 
> reinstall. Made a backup and installed version Qubes release 4.1(love it)
> 4) AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Processor
> Samsung 970 EVO Interne Solid State 1TB
> Gskill F4-3200C16D-16GVKB Memory D4 3200 16GB (x2 32GB total)
> MB ASRock B450 Pro4 AM4 ATX D-Sub/HDMI/DP DDR4 
> Following these steps https://github.com/tasket/Qubes-vpn-support except 
> installing ovpn in the Debian template, which I found here 
> https://github.com/Qubes-Community/Contents/blob/
> master/docs/configuration/vpn.md
> 5) I'm currently configuring a freshly installed Qubes release 4.1 and 
> I've some issues getting the VPN up and running, I feel silly because 
> before I didn't have any issues with setting VPN last time. 
> Step 1) I installed it in the Debian template with the command sudo 
> apt-get install openvpn.
> Step 2) I created a Qube type APPVM on the Debian template and the Qube 
> named sys-vpn.
> Step 3) provide network is selected, under the tab services added 
> vpn-handler-ovpn by first selecting custom and then clicking the green plus 
> sign and adding the service vpn-handler-ovpn.
> Step 4) In sys-vpn I've made the folders with 
> sudo mkdir -p /rw/config/vpn
> cd /rw/config/vpn
> Step 5) downloaded the OVPN files from VPN provider in a other APPVM and 
> moved it to sys-vpn Qubes and now the OVPN file reside in my documents and 
> I don't have permission to move the files. 
> Can someone help me out at and help me point out at which step I went 
> wrong?
> Best Regards,
> Ken

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