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> > As the laptop's HDMI port also does not work (likely due to being hardwired 
> > to the NVDIA card), I currently have no means of setting up multiple 
> > screens.
> > 
> > I want to use Qubes and this machine as my daily driver and non functioning 
> > dock as well as the lack of a multiple screen options are show stoppers for 
> > this.
> > The latter is possibly fixable through NVIDIA support in `dom0` and that's 
> > what I'm working on next, but I would highly appreciate any hint on how to 
> > get the dock working.
> > 
> Installing `kernel-latest` in `dom0` (which currently brings in 5.16) and 
> setting graphics to `discrete` in the BIOS renders the on board HDMI port 
> active. `Hybrid` graphics settings results in a black screen when the display 
> manager comes up.
> Still having issues with the screens only being shown mirrored, but I'm 
> getting somewhere.
To get the multiscreen setup to behave properly, I had to switch of the 

` Q → System Tools → Window Manager Tweaks → Compositor → uncheck “Enable 
display compositing” `

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