I need help to modify the Q4.1 installer ISO file. I did learn how to
pack & unpack isos. That is fine. The idea is a new install on a larger
SSD of Q4.1 instead of risky "upgarde" tentatives that finish less
clean. (benefit: if it fails I can go back to running Q4.0)

1) I naïvely placed a new kernel in /extrakernels but that does not seem
to impress the boot-loader. I find no way to select which kernel to boot.

2) Then I tried to boggle with grub.cfg -- no succes either.

3) I wonder if I can copy the vmlinuz and initrd file from my (working)
Q4.0 and simply overwrite the corresponding files in /isolinux?

Subquestion:  initrd-5.10.90-1.fc32.qubes.img has 77M, my Q4.0 initrd
file only 23M. That sounds weird...

Each test means: open case, remove ssd, put ssd, test Q4.1 install (it
fails), reopen case, put all back, but then BIOS does no longer
recognise UEFI, so boot a life debian, go to a ethernetcable, install
efiboomgr, repair UEFI, reboot good'ol qubes -- restart.

I lost hours and start to get desparate .... please help!

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