Which kernel version do you need to hold?  You can update a subset of
packages by giving them as arguments to qubes-dom0-update, but I would
like to know what the forseeable problems are.

The reason is simple: all (!) 5.x xen kernels I tested so far
crash/freeze my system in less than 5 minutes, often only seconds (open
issue on github since 18 months). Therefore I keep a 4.19 kernel for xen
(only) -- until now the updater respected that: it installed some new
5.x kernel and kernel-latest. Every single time, I bravely try them out,
 and each time they crash: each time I can revert back to 4.19 by a
linux-life usb hack.

Last kernel update wants to remove my 4.19 kernel, and no way I can
accept that, given the history. ( again a curse on Intel and Dell for
their buggy hardware ).

best, Bernhard

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