Dear Marek,

kernel testing would be so much easier if the xen.cfg would allow an
option like


to get a boot menu -- instead of


which makes it actually necessary to "hack" the xen.cfg via a
live-linux-usb intrusion if a kernel should fail to work ... that
produces an attack-vector & is annoying.

Maybe such a function exists already? If not that would be a feature

Thank you, Bernhard

There are a couple more options to choose from - for LTS kernels we keep
some of them updated, even after the default is switched to the next
one. For R4.0 there is for example kernel-419. You can check available
options via `qubes-dom0-update --action=search kernel`.

Everything else either crashes dom0 (e.g., 5.15) or stalls sys-usb (e.g.

It says "00:14.0 USB controller problem", might be a usb3.0 problem,
various things, nothing helped, my BIOS has no option to disable xHCI.

I am hesitant to ask, since it would require running unsigned code
(yuck!), but would you be comfortable doing a kernel git bisection?
That would allow figuring out exactly which commit caused the problem,
and would vastly improve the likelihood of the bug being fixed.

Aaehm... It is my work computer, i need it every day and  can not risk
Is there a safe/standard procedure in qubes to compile the bisects, add
them to grub without removing the working kernel, etc.?

Not that I am aware of, sadly.  Marek (CCd) might have suggestions.

For any tests, I usually place kernel+initramfs under some arbitrary
name that does not interfere with version-based entries. And do that by
installing kernel "manually", exactly to avoid dnf/rpm removing older
packages. For the grub entry, I usually edit
/boot/efi/EFI/qubes/grub.cfg manually (copy existing section and just
replace file names). But regenerating it with grub2-mkconfig should be
safe too.
This does require manual cleaning after testing is finished,

Here is example script to build and install kernel in dom0:


     set -e
     make olddefconfig
     make -j2
     kver=$(make kernelrelease)
     sudo make modules_install
     sudo cp arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz-test
     sudo dracut -f --kver="$kver" /boot/initramfs-test.img

it can be launched from kernel sources.


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