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> Hello Qubes Community,
> Here's the content of /etc/qubes-rpc/ :
>> [user@sys-firewall ~]$ cd /etc/qubes-rpc/
>> [user@sys-firewall qubes-rpc]$ ls
>> qubes.Backup             qubes.PdfConvert        qubes.SuspendPostAll
>> qubes.ConnectTCP         qubes.PostInstall       qubes.SuspendPre
>> qubes.DetachPciDevice    qubes.ResizeDisk        qubes.SuspendPreAll
>> qubes.Filecopy           qubes.Restore           qubes.USB
>> qubes.GetAppmenus        qubes.SaltLinuxVM       qubes.USBAttach
>> qubes.GetDate            qubes.SelectDirectory   qubes.USBDetach
>> qubes.GetImageRGBA       qubes.SelectFile        qubes.UpdatesProxy
>> qubes.Gpg                qubes.SetDateTime       qubes.VMRootShell
>> qubes.GpgImportKey       qubes.SetMonitorLayout  qubes.VMShell
>> qubes.InstallUpdatesGUI  qubes.ShowInTerminal    qubes.WaitForSession
>> qubes.OpenInVM           qubes.StartApp
>> qubes.OpenURL            qubes.SuspendPost
>> [user@sys-firewall qubes-rpc]$ 
> With Fedora 34 having reached EOL now, is there anything else I can do, 
> other than a complete new installation of Qubes OS R4.1 ? 
Sorry for not replying for a while but somehow I had been blacklisted from 
posting to the forum. Still not sure why that happened. I did reply by 
email but that bounced with a forum gateway denial response. I could login 
to the forum but it would not let me reply to anything. Other Discourse 
forums were also giving me problems so its possible somebody was spamming 
using my email address and thus put me on some kind of global blacklist, 
but that is just a guess.

It looks to me that your current sys-firewall template is not up to date 
for your current R4.1 version, or just broken. If you have any other 
templates on your system (e.g. debian-11, fc35-minimal, fc35-xfce )  you 
might want to try switching sys-firewall to something else and then try to 
use qvm-template to download a working template of the f35 flavor. If that 
does not work you might try to just download a new template manually from 


If needed, you will need to move that rpm to media accessible to your dom0 
for the local rpm utility install. Once that template is installed, update 
the template asap, and then you should switch your sys-firewall to use that 
template and then try qvm-template again. Once sys-firewall has an 
up-to-date and working template this problem should be resolved. 

btw - I learned this the hard way myself years ago (R3.1 days) and now I 
always keep an extra unmodified template around for emergencies such as 
this. I also use a different and more simplified template tailored 
explicitly for both sys-net and sys-firewall so that future updates are 
less likely to break my connectivity. If anything happens to my 
connectivity I can just switch one or both VM's to use that alternate 
template while I debug the problem. 

When migrating to Qubes R4.1 I also had a similar problem after restoring 
my old templates from backup onto the new Qubes R4.1 system. The old 
templates did not work correctly with the new system so I needed to get a 
pristine fc35 template to get things working while I upgraded my older fc34 
templates in place. Mixing the two on the new system was just a 
can-of-worms and updating them all in place to f35 is advisable rather than 
leaving them around as fc34 in a broken state. If your customizations to 
your fc34 template was minimal then making a clean break to fc35 is likely 
a very good idea.  

I hope this helps.

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