Dear Demi Marie

What about between bisecting between 4.19 and 5.4?

That sounds interesting. I am willing to test.

The problem with staying on 4.19 is that eventually it will lose support
upstream.  Qubes is not RHEL, and we can't support an old kernel
forever.  That you cannot use your hardware on Linux 5.4+ is a bug, but
without access to the hardware in question there is no way (that I am
aware of) to figure out what the bug is so that it can be fixed.

of course it is not a solution: it is a continued workaround, that
allows to install 4.1 with an old kernel without being cut off other
updates, for the time that the real problem takes to solve. *That alone*
is helpful. Because what do I do next? Remove qubes 4.0 and install
vanilla debian instead? Stay on unsupported Q4.0? Both seem worse than
using the newest qubes on an old kernel: surely, it's not forever.

I would really appreciate help of the dev's on that single point: an
explication of how to sneak in an extrakernel in the iso. They do not
need to explain iso packing & unpacking (that is easy), only how to
twiggle the iso boot procedure.

Thank you so much!  Bernhard

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