Hi there :)

I've only been using QubesOS for two weeks and so far I'm totally thrilled! 
Thanks to all who contribute to this wonderful project :-) 
But there are a few questions that I have not been able to clarify online or 
with friends, so I would like to try here:

1) Is there somewhere in the GUI an overview of the real processor load of the 
device? I think the percentage display in the upper right corner of the Qube 
overview shows this relative to the allocated cores. The task manager in dom9, 
however, only shows the load of dom0. Or have I misunderstood this?

2) I have a Windows Qube as a standalone VM. The integration works fine thanks 
to qubes-windows-tools. But is there something similar for standalone Linux 
VMs? Assuming there is a LinuxMint in a standalone qube: What is the best way 
to exchange files or pass the clipboard to other "normal" Qubes? Via a USB 
stick? Surely there is a software solution :)

3) How do I know that there is a new template, e.g. Fedora 38? Do I have to 
check this myself regularly under qvm-template-gui? And while we are at it: Do 
I reach qvm-template-gui also somehow with the mouse over the gui?

4) I got to thinking when I saw that there is his fedora-37-xfce template. Is 
it possible to start the desktop in an app VM based on it? Does this actually 
work in general in a qube that is not a standalone installation? Or can I 
always start only individual programs?

5) And why does the tab completion in the terminal often not work in the Debian 
templates? Especially when installing software with "sudo apt install xyz" I 
have problems, because I have to know exactly what the packages are called.

I hope that I have not outed myself as a complete idiot with these questions. 
But I honestly haven't been able to figure them out for myself so far, so I 
wanted to put them up for debate here. Maybe there are other newbies like me 
with similar questions.

Regards and thanks for reading :)


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