On 5/11/23 11:00 PM, Vít Šesták wrote:
> If the process is not reused, just an update without restarting anything is 
> enough, isn't it? (This wouldn't be the case if the process was forking 
> from a zygote.)

Marek has previously told me that only Xen and Kernel updates require a reboot. 
FWIW, `needs-restarting -r` also didn't detect anything requiring a restart.

> After the update, I got a shower of notifications “Failed to execute 
> qubes.WindowIconUdater (from <qube name> to dom0)”, probably for each 
> running domU qube. 


> But this looks like a temporary issue, as QRPc seems to 
> continue working, either for newly launched qubes and for qubes launched 
> before update.

I haven't noticed any unusual behavior either.

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