Hi Stephen,

Bookmarks appear in the same order they appear in your bookmarks file.
New bookmarks are appended to the end, so they will actually appear
last. You can order the file however you like to change the order in the
qutebrowser UI, but newly added bookmarks will always go to the end.

For what its worth, I rarely notice the order as I tend to rely on
text-filtering rather than scrolling.


On Wed 03/20/19 02:57PM, Stephen Davies (sdavies) wrote:
>     The answer is probably staring me in the face, but I can't find it.
>     When I go to qute://bookmarks, it displays all my quickmarks and 
> bookmarks.
> However, the bookmarks seem to be alphabetized by page title. This is 
> sometimes
> useful, but another useful thing is to be able to browse through what I've
> bookmarked "lately." Is there a way to sort the bookmarks by timestamp?
> - Stephen Davies, Ph.D.
>   (step...@umw.edu)

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