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>     Thanks to you both for your replies.
>     Hey, as long as we're talking about dreamy enhancement requests, here's 
> one
> that I'm sure would be very hard to implement, but which I think would be a
> killer feature. I'd love a way to search for text within "all pages that I've
> bookmarked." (So not just the title of the pages, but their text.)
>     Don't know if it'd be easier to snapshot and store the text of every page
> as it's bookmarked, or to re-fetch the pages afresh whenever the user does the
> aforementioned kind of search. There are pros and cons to each, but either one
> would be a godsend.

I agree this probably isn't something qutebrowser should solve by

FWIW I use Wallabag[1] as a "read it later" list - it does archive
contents, which I'm mainly glad for because it ensures I can read things
years later. It also allows full-text search through
archived/"bookmarked" pages though! See https://wallabag.org/

Now what certainly would be nice is if you could integrate something
like that with qutebrowser bookmarks. I added a point to the extension
ideas here: https://github.com/qutebrowser/qutebrowser/issues/30


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