On 7/22/2008 7:36 AM, S Ellison wrote:
?text says
    "'adj' allows _adj_ustment of the text with respect to '(x,y)'.
     Values of 0, 0.5, and 1 specify left/bottom, middle and

But it looks like 0, 1 specify top, bottom respectively in the y

text(2,2, "adj=c(0,0)", adj=c(0,0))
text(2,2, "adj=c(0,1)", adj=c(0,1), col=2) #the red one's below the
black one...

#x-adj is OK
text(3,3, "adj=c(0,0)", adj=c(0,0))
text(3,3, "adj=c(1,0)", adj=c(1,0), col=2)

[I am using r 2.7.1 in windows; adj behaviour is consistent in 2.6.0ff
and for expressions as well as text]

Perhaps a two-word correction to ?text ?

I think it is behaving as I'd expect: the y adjustment of 0 says that the bottom of the text aligns with the specified point, while the y adjustment of 1 says that the top of the text aligns there. This is consistent with the description for x: 0 says the left end aligns, 1 says the right end aligns.

The text may be a little terse, but it is consistent.

Duncan Murdoch

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