On Tue, 22 Jul 2008, Patrick Burns wrote:

Basically the only thing in the thread that was clear
to me was Brian's phrasing.  So I'd suggest basing
any changes on that.

I'll add some words. There is one other thing which needs explaining, what 'bottom' means. For a character string it means the baseline of the text, for an expression the bottom of the text box (plotmath) does not attempt to compute baselines. This also affects the computation of vertical centering:

plot(1:5, type="n")
abline(v=2); abline(v=4)
text(2,1, "fgh", adj=c(0,0), cex=2)
text(4,1, expression(fgh), adj=c(0,0), cex=2)
text(2,3, "fgh", adj=c(0,0.5), cex=2)
text(4,3, expression(fgh), adj=c(0,0.5), cex=2)
text(4,5, expression(fgh), adj=c(0,1), cex=2)
text(2,5, "fgh", adj=c(0,1), cex=2)

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S Ellison wrote:
Yup; you're all right - it IS consistent (and I'd even checked the x-adj
and it did what I expected!!). It's just that ?text is talking about the
position of the 'anchor' point in the text region rather than the
subsequent location of the centre of the text.

Anyway; if anyone is considering a minor tweak to ?text, would it be
clearer if it said "Values of 0, 0.5, and 1 specify text towards right/top, middle and
left/bottom of x,y,      respectively." ?

(or, of course, "Values of 0, 0.5, and 1 specify x,y at left/bottom,
middle and right/top of text, respectively.")

Steve Ellison
Lab of the Government Chemist

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