My package RJafroc, which is currently on CRAN, passes all operating
systems except solaris-x86-patched, and as a result has been flagged for
removal. Using R-hub builder, I am unable to reproduce the log file because
a required package, ggplot2, does not exist for Solaris. I found the
following conversation on GitHub at the following URL: (the conversation is
reproduced below).

Could use any advice. Thanks.


tdhock commented on Sep 23, 2017
Hey there, it seems that ggplot2 on CRAN has an ERROR on solaris
laris-x86/ggplot2-00check.html because of a test about date scales that
does not pass. Do you have any plan to fix?

This is an issue for me because I have a package that imports ggplot2, and
I would like to use rhub to check it on solaris before submitting it to
CRAN. *However rhub can not perform the check because the ggplot2 package
is not available on solaris*. Here is the related issue at rhub

hadley commented on Oct 30, 2017
*Probably not, since solaris is going away.*

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