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Hi Duncan,

Duncan Murdoch wrote on 2020-08-07 18:39:
You're reading the wrong version of the manual.  This is in the
R-devel manual:

"Packages referred to by these ‘other forms’ should be declared in the
DESCRIPTION file, in the ‘Depends’, ‘Imports’, ‘Suggests’ or
‘Enhances’ fields. "

This is at the end of section 2.5 in

I see. However, the HTML-source states
This manual is for R, version 4.1.0 Under development (2020-08-06).

I was relying on the PDF-version (4.0.2 of 2020-06-22) which does *not*
contain this sentence. Hence, I fell into the trap. Should be stated in
the PDF as well, IMHO.

Oh, c'mon. It will be a new requirement in R 4.1.0 It's not a requirement in 4.0.2, and you didn't get a NOTE about it there, you only got the note in one of the r-devel platforms.

The general way things work in R is that changes get announced well in advance of release *by putting them in R-devel*. That's why you're asked to check your package against R-devel before submitting: so that it meets upcoming announced changes to requirements as well as ones that are in the current release.

Duncan Murdoch

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