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On Tue, 16 Jan 2024 16:24:59 +1100
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  Surely the software just has to check
that there is web connection to a CRAN mirror.

Nope! The full code is in tools:::.check_package_CRAN_incoming  (the
body of which filled up my entire console), but to name a few checks
it has to do: check that the name of the package is not the same as
any other, including archived packages (which means that it has to
download the package metadata), make sure the licence is ok, see if
the version number is ok. 10 minutes is quite a lot though. I suspect
the initial connection may have been faulty.

Well, it may not have been 10 minutes, but it was at least 5.  The
problem is persistent/repeatable.  I don't believe that there is any
faulty connection.

Thanks for the insight.


Rolf Turner

I'd suggest to choose a local CRAN mirror for the checks (particularly as you are located at the most opposite side of the world from Vienna) which may help if several requests to CRAN are done. Also, you may want to disable the URL checks, which also take some time for us, but may be way more serious if you point to many URLs that do not resolve to servers in your part of the world.

Uwe Ligges
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