Hi,I am writing to seek guidance regarding some challenges I've encountered 
while submitting my package, openaistream, to CRAN. I have recently received 
feedback from the CRAN team, and I'm looking for assistance to address the 
issues noted.The package in question aims to provide streaming capabilities for 
OpenAI API interactions and is based on the 'httr2' framework. While the last 
released version's CRAN status is marked as 'OK: 12', I have been advised to 
fix certain problems and resubmit a revised version.The specific areas of 
concern are:License Information: There's a note indicating that the license 
stub is an "invalid DCF". I've used 'MIT + file LICENSE' as the licensing 
terms. I would appreciate guidance on how to correctly format this section to 
meet the DCF standards.General Submission: I've been directed to win-builder 
pretest for more details. However, I'm finding it challenging to pinpoint the 
exact issues that need rectification. Any insights or suggestions on common pi
 tfalls or areas to focus on would be immensely helpful.I have thoroughly 
reviewed the provided links and documentation but would greatly benefit from 
the community's expertise and experience in addressing these specific concerns. 
If there are any resources, examples, or advice you can share, it would be 
greatly appreciated.Windows: 
 2 NOTEsDebian: 
 2 NOTEs
Best regards,Li Gen
Email: libingfei@sina.comGitHub: https://github.com/libingfei/openaistream
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