Dear listers,

I meet a problem with the  submission of the package pgirmess. In fact 
the package goes through R CMD check --as-cran and R-wind-builder 
smoothly with no problem, but submitted to CRAN, I get this:

Flavor: r-devel-linux-x86_64-debian-gcc, r-devel-windows-x86_64
Check: CRAN incoming feasibility, Result: Note_to_CRAN_maintainers
   Maintainer: 'Patrick Giraudoux<>'

Flavor: r-devel-linux-x86_64-debian-gcc, r-devel-windows-x86_64
Check: Rd files, Result: NOTE
   checkRd: (-1) mergeTrackObs.rd:24: Lost braces in \itemize; \value handles 
\item{}{} directly
   checkRd: (-1) mergeTrackObs.rd:25: Lost braces in \itemize; \value handles 
\item{}{} directly
   checkRd: (-1) mergeTrackObs.rd:26: Lost braces in \itemize; \value handles 
\item{}{} directly
   checkRd: (-1) selMod.rd:29-31: Lost braces in \itemize; meant \describe ?
   checkRd: (-1) selMod.rd:32-33: Lost braces in \itemize; meant \describe ?
   checkRd: (-1) selMod.rd:54: Lost braces in \itemize; meant \describe ?
   checkRd: (-1) selMod.rd:55: Lost braces in \itemize; meant \describe ?

The code that seems to make problem (although braces are balanced; I 
wonder why a claim 'lost braces') is

- for mergeTrackObs.rd

   A \code{\link[sf]{sfc}} object, of POINT geometry, with the following 
   \item{ID}{ ID number}
   \item{nObs}{ The number of observations in the interval}
   \item{geometry} {POINT geometry}

- for selMod.rd

   This function provides parameters used in the information theoretic 
methods for model comparisons.
   \item{.}{lm and glm objects can be passed directly as the upper scope 
of term addition (all terms added).
   Every model from y\eqn{\sim}{~}1 is computed adding one term at a 
time until the upper scope model is derived. This is a stepwise analysis 
where the terms are added sequentially and this does NOT provide all 
combinations of terms and interactions. Offset terms cannot be proceeded 
   \item{.}{A list of user specified lm, glm, nls, lme or nlme objects 
(actually any object for which AIC and logLik functions are applicable) 
to compare can alternately be passed.

Has anyone an idea about what is going wrong ?


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