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>    \itemize{
>    \item{.}{lm and glm objects can be passed directly as the upper
> scope of term addition (all terms added).

Inside the \itemize and \enumerate commands, the \item command doesn't
take any arguments:

Instead, it starts a new paragraph with a number (\enumerate) or a
bullet point (\itemize). R CMD check is reminding you that \itemize{
\item{foo}{bar} } is equivalent to \itemize{ \item foo bar } without
any braces.

If you meant to highlight a word by making it an argument of the \item
command, use the \describe command. Here, you're highlighting a dot,
which would be rendered with a bullet point before it, so it's probably
neither semantically nor visually appropriate.

> \value{
>    A \code{\link[sf]{sfc}} object, of POINT geometry, with the
> following columns:
>    \itemize{
>    \item{ID}{ ID number}

The same problem applies here.

Additionally, R CMD check is reminding you that \value{} is implicitly
a special case of a \describe{} environment:

Since you're already using \item{}{} labels to name the components of
the value, just drop the \itemize{} (but keep its contents). \value{} is

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