Depending on your use case you can also take a look at the nanoarrow package ( Maybe it provides all the features you need and has a much smaller footprint than 'arrow'.


On 2/22/24 10:01, Duncan Murdoch wrote:
If you look on the CRAN check results for arrow, you'll see it has errors on the Linux platforms that use clang, and can't be installed there.

For you to deal with this, you should make arrow into a suggested package, and if it is missing, work around that without generating an error.  Another choice would be to work with the arrow developers to get it to install on the systems where it fails now, but it's a big package, so that would likely be a lot harder.

Duncan Murdoch

On 21/02/2024 5:15 p.m., Park, Sung Jae wrote:

I’m writing to seek assistance regarding an issue we’re encountering during the submission process of our new package to CRAN. The package in question is currently working smoothly on R CMD check on Windows; however, we are facing a specific error when running R CMD check on Debian. The error message we’ve got from CRAN is as follows:

❯ checking package dependencies ... ERROR
   Package required but not available: ‘arrow’

   See section ‘The DESCRIPTION file’ in the ‘Writing R Extensions’

We have ensured that the ‘arrow’ package is properly listed in DESCRIPTION file under the ‘Imports:’. Could you please provide guidance on how to resolve this? Any help will be valuable.

Thank you in advance.


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