On 5 March 2024 at 06:25, Duncan Murdoch wrote:
| You could make a compatible version of `survivalmodels` available on a 
| non-CRAN website, and refer to that website in the 
| Additional_repositories field of DESCRIPTION.

Every r-universe sub-site fits that requirement. For this package Google's
first hit was https://raphaels1.r-universe.dev/survivalmodels and it carries
the same line on install.packages() that Jeroen adds to every page:

 install.packages('survivalmodels', repos = 

So doing all three of 
- adding a line 'Additional_repositories: https://raphaels1.r-universe.dev'
- adding a 'Suggests: survivalmodels;
- ensuring conditional use only as Suggests != Depends
should do.

| It would be best if you fixed whatever issue caused survivalmodels to be 
| archived when you do this.
| Looking here: 
| that appears very easy to do.  The source is here: 
| https://github.com/RaphaelS1/survivalmodels/ .

The other may even take a PR fixing this going forward.


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