Is there also a space in the file path? What is the locale, I guess CP1252?

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Fra: Patrick Giraudoux
Sendt: torsdag 15. februar, 07.45
Emne: readOGR does not read file names with accent
Kopi: Roger Bivand

Dear all,
My plateform is Windows 7. I am meeting trouble when reading a shapefile with 
rgdal:readOGR when the file name includes an accent.
For instance,
génét/gélinotte/2017/Trémontagne","trace_chaux_du_dombief.shp") is well read
génét/gélinotte/2017/Trémontagne","tracé_chaux_du_dombief.shp") gives
Error in ogrInfo(dsn = dsn, layer = layer, encoding = encoding, use_iconv = 
use_iconv,  :
  Cannot open layer
In both cases accents in the path are well accepted. The difference just come 
from accent in the filename.
Any idea about a workaround (except trivial: manually changing accents to non 
accent ;-): I have tens of files to read)?

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