At Thu, 21 May 2020 15:39:30 +0000, Sage Gerard wrote:
> I'm not sure what improvements can be made that A) wouldn't repeat the 
> problems encountered in PLaneT and B) gives users an "easy" way to deal with 
> breaking changes in collection names beyond what the Package Management FAQ 
> suggests.

Well, I hope you take my comments in the spirit of "advice that may be
wrong". When multiple things change between A and B, saying which
changes mattered ends up being a matter of opinion and interpretation.

> I remember Sam mentioning `raco link` in Slack, but based on your
> emails it sounds like NOTHING can fundamentally change without a
> tethered installation or custom distribution (e.g. a collects-like
> directory relative to a different executable). Is that correct? I
> wasn't sure if you were hinting at that in your first email.

You can do many things with just environment variables (e.g., to pick a
configuration directory). A tethered environment solves the problem
that environment variables are too widely scoped; if your Racket
program is meant to start a separate process that runs a different
Racket, for example, the environment variables affects the second
Racket --- unless the original program goes out of its way to remove

> If that's the case, then I'd probably double down on my first reply:
> It almost seems like giving users an easy way to generate tethered
> installations would open up more opportunities than trying to make
> the default installation behave a certain way around packages,
> collections, and modules.

I still agree with this.

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