On Thu, 2 Mar 2017 03:32:08 -0800 (PST)
Alex Harsanyi <alexharsa...@gmail.com> wrote:

> You need to tell the snip admin that the snip needs to be redrawn.
> In your select-this-snip method, add
>     (send (get-admin) needs-update this 0 0 width height)

It still doesn't work. I'm using this:

 (define/public (select-this-snip)
      (define editor (send (get-admin) get-editor))
      (define pos (send editor get-snip-position this))
      (send editor set-position pos (+ pos 1))
      (define w (box 0))
      (define h (box 0))
      (get-extent (send (get-admin) get-dc) 0 0 w h)
      (send (get-admin) needs-update this 0 0 (unbox w) (unbox h)))

The snip *is* selected but not drawn as selected. The draw method
checks (pair? draw-caret) for determining whether its selected, and
this works for manual selection, i.e., left-click and mouse drag from
adjacent position.

Of course, I could work around this by maintaining my own selection
flag and resetting it in on-goodbye-event, but that seems like a hack
to me. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?



My draw method:

    (define/override (draw dc x y left top right bottom dx dy
    draw-caret) (define-values (tw th tdist tvspace) (send dc
    get-text-extent (get-display-name)
                                                 (send (get-style)
    get-font) #t
      (define w (+ tw 22))
      (define h (max 22 (+ th 4)))
      (define background-color
        (if (pair? draw-caret)
            (scale-color 0.8 (send (get-style) get-background))
            (send (get-style) get-background)))
      (define background
         w h
         #:color background-color
         #:border-color (scale-color 0.8 background-color)
         #:draw-border? #t))
      (define c-new (send (get-style) get-background))
      (define old-pen (send dc get-pen))
      (send dc set-smoothing 'aligned)
      (draw-pict background dc x y)
      (draw-pict (scale-to-fit (get-pict)
                 dc (+ x 4) (+ y 4))
      (send dc set-pen old-pen)
      (when (and (pair? draw-caret) (get-highlight-text-color))
        (send dc set-text-foreground (get-highlight-text-color)))
      (send dc set-text-background background-color)
      (send dc draw-text (get-display-name) (+ x 20) (+ y 4) #t))

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