I found an easy solution that does what I want it do to. It's only
suitable for non-editable snips, of course.

Instead of checking whether draw-caret is a pair in draw, I simply use 

(not (equal? draw-caret 'no-caret))

That does the job. As for keyboard events, I think I'll handle them in
the snips. It's really cool what you can do with text% snips and the
pict library with a bit of fiddling around. :)



On Thu, 2 Mar 2017 06:25:09 -0700
Matthew Flatt <mfl...@cs.utah.edu> wrote:

>   (send editor set-caret-owner #f)
> to send keyboard focus back to the editor.
> When you click a snip that has 'handles-events, then keyboard focus is
> moved to the snip instead of to the enclosing editor.

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