On Friday, March 3, 2017 at 7:18:27 AM UTC+8, schuster wrote:
> The problem is that a test-case expression runs a test immediately; it does 
> not return a test object to be run later. In your case, the test runs while 
> my-test-case is being defined, then no test at all actually runs 
> (my-test-case is just #<void>).

I did figure out that I need to wrap test-cases in test-suites soon after I 
posted the message, as it is usually the case :-).  Thanks for clarifying that 
test-case runs immediately. In my case, the tests are in a separate file and I 
only run the file when I want to run the tests, so it is hard to tell the 

I still think the output from "rack test" is somewhat confusing.  In one of my 
test files the output is:

    raco test: (submod "test/df-test.rkt" test)
    3 success(es) 0 failure(s) 0 error(s) 3 test(s) run
    75 tests passed

What the above means is that 3 test suites were run and there were 75 checks in 
total (not sure what the line with the single 0 means).  However, the way the 
message is printed out implies that 3 tests were run and 75 passed.  Perhaps 
the message could be updated to say:

    raco test: (submod "test/df-test.rkt" test)
    3 success(es) 0 failure(s) 0 error(s) 3 test suite(s) run
    75 checks passed

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