I'm working on a #lang for configuration files for a larger project I'm
working on, and I'm trying to find a setup that meets my (largely cosmetic)
goals without producing a "standard-module-name-resolver: cycle in loading"

Given the following directory structure:

   - my-project/
      - config.rkt
      - config/
         - local.rkt
         - production.rkt

I would like both to write "local.rkt" and "production.rkt" in "#lang
my-project/config" and to have "(require my-project/config)" provide
bindings re-exported from "local.rkt" and "production.rkt" and some extra
bindings for working with those values.

This seems like it should be doable, because there aren't any logical
cyclic dependencies, but I haven't found a way to convince Racket of that.

I initially tried making a "my-project/config/lang/" directory with a
"module-lang.rkt" and a "reader.rkt" consisting of "(module reader
syntax/module-reader my-project/config/lang/module-language)", then having
"config.rkt" require and re-export "local.rkt", "production.rkt", and the
appropriate exports of "module-lang.rkt", but this gave me a "cycle in
loading" error.

My first guess was that the problem might be that Racket was looking for a
reader submodule of "config.rkt", so I re-wrote "module-lang.rkt" and
"reader.rkt" as submodules of "config.rkt" (with "module", not "module*" or
"module+"), but this didn't solve the problem.

Is there a way to do what I want?


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