If someone hasn’t already done this, I’ve got a few CS Ed papers for sure….

I’m looking at Python now, but this should be much easier in Racket: I’d like 
to put together a simple syntax for unenforced data definitions and signatures, 
then use instructor help to map these to course-specific quickcheck modules, 
allowing students to easily find input values on which their functions produce 
the wrong (i.e., not matching signature) kinds of values, even for functions 
that aren’t specifically described by instructors.

Has someone done it already? I found “Hypothesis” for Python, which looks 
quickcheck-like but doesn’t use PEP 484. I don’t know of anything like this in 
the Racket world, where it should literally be the work of a weekend. I see how 
it could be seen to undercut test case generation, except that (by generating 
only inputs) it could also *simplify* the task of specifying test cases.


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